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5 Common Myths about Flowers and Houseplants

Flowers, house plants bring color and joy to our lives. They act as a great gift to
us on special occasions. Given the popularity of these gifts, there is advice out
there on how to keep them alive and thriving as long as possible. Whilst a
majority of this advice comes in handy, some are not true.
Thankfully Sydney based florist Roseandco is here to separate the facts from
fiction. It’s time for some myth busting.

Bananas kill flowers - True
Who knows bananas are secret slaughters?! But it’s true. There is a “fruit-
ripening hormone called ethylene that shortens the life of flowers. Scientists
have found that ethylene gas is more prolonged in bananas. So keep your
flowers away from a fruit bowl.

House plants reduce stress and anxiety – True
Nature has always been positively linked with human wellbeing. Many studies
found that spending time in forests helps us calm our mind and also lower stress
levels. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live next to a forest but did you
know house plants can act as a decent substitute, especially for city dwellers.
Not only caring for a living thing calms us down but also adds purpose to our
life. It is the reason why horticulture therapy is advised for persons suffering
from depression, so why not give it a try?

Don’t sleep with flowers in your bedroom - False
Plants absorb carbon dioxide and offer oxygen during the day. But it is an
entirely different story at night and this is where the myth “Don’t sleep with
flowers in your bedroom” comes in. This is far from the actual truth, as flowers
spend their day time in giving out oxygen, and reabsorb only a tiny fragment of
this at night. This is great news for people who wish to decorate their bedroom
with a bouquet of their favorite blossoms.

You should cut flowers at an angle – True

Do you always cut the stems of your store bought flowers horizontally after
purchasing them? In fact, The stems or stalks of flowers or greens used in
arrangements should be cut at about a 45-degree angle. By doing this you can
maximize the surface area for easy water intake and also prevent your blossoms
from sitting flat against the bottom of the vase in thirsty. It is recommended to
re-trim the stems once in a few days to keep your blooms hydrated and lost

Flowers are allergy sufferer’s worst enemy – False
If you are experiencing allergies from pollen then you would assume all the
flowers will do the same to you. However did you know that there are many
species of plants that produce heavy pollen grains. Unlike tiny pollen grains,
these big and bright flowers with heavy pollen grains like lilies, tulips, peonies,
etc. are pollinated by insects rather than wind. This makes them a perfect choice
for hay fever sufferers.
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